Paul brings energy, respect, drive, confidence, awareness and laughter to his classes. He encourages students to have an awareness of their body, mind and the process of practicing yoga.

Paul’s Story:
I discovered Bikram yoga at a point in my life when the loss of a loved one had made me question my path. At the time I was a professional modern dancer, an artistic career that I loved, but suddenly all that I’d worked for felt inconsequential. Desperate for some space and perspective I went on holiday, alone, to Miami. One afternoon I walked past a sign that said: “Bikram yoga.” I walked into the studio curious, with no idea what to expect but by the time I finished that first class I knew this is what I’ve been looking for. After that introduction I returned to London with a clear goal and in spring 2006 I became a certified Bikram yoga instructor.

For me, Bikram yoga is not just a job; it is a way of being and relating to the world. Teaching and practice are inextricably linked in an on-going process of self-discovery and transformation. Since getting my Bikram certification I have also qualified as a Dharma Mittra yoga teacher – a qualification which deepened and amplified my practice, enabling me to bring a more profound philosophical approach to my teaching. In 2006-2007 I also trained to become a holistic massage therapist, which increased my knowledge of the physical body. I have always been fascinated by the creativity of the body in motion and these complementary disciplines have given me a great understanding of how the body works in order to better guide my students in their practice. Many find that massage is particularly beneficial for dealing with stress and injuries.

My life changed radically when I became a Bikram yoga teacher and it made me realise how easy to get locked into a “ladder” mind-set in our careers, relationships, or even hobbies. What I strive to share with my students is the awareness that you grow and become more yourself by challenging your preconceptions and being open to new experiences. It’s never too late for Bikram and never too late to change your life.

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