Algarve Retreat

Join YogaWithPaul on a fun yoga week in the Algarve from 19 June – 26 June  2020

To reserve your place or for more information email:


For a peek inside last year’s sold-out holiday you can download our Yoga Holiday With Paul memoir!

“The retreat had astounding people, it was well organised, positively nourished our mind, body and souls with the practice, stunning location and unbelievable food.  It helped me to overcome tough challenges and start healing for which I am extremely grateful.” – Nikki

“I absolutely loved it. Everything exceeded my expectations. I will definitely come back next year.” – Liz

“The holiday is stunning. The food and the setting are just beautiful.” – Serena

“Paul is a very calm instructor who makes you feel relaxed. He would remind us to breathe deeply before stretching and
turning. He is funny and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.”  -Rung

“The retreat helped me let go/leave behind the hustle, bustle routine of my busy life. I decided to turn off my mobile phone, clear my mind and just relax.” -Elke

“All of the food was FAB!  I am gluten-free and was really impressed with the effort and menu offerings to cater for this.” – Nikki

“I gained a deeper connection with practice, enlightenment and relaxation.”  -Paul B

“During the retreat I felt very refreshed, relaxed and happy. Afterward I missed the retreat, but used the meditation learning to bring me back to a place of piece” -Vibeka

“It was perfect for getting away from the everyday and focusing on improving my practice whilst being in a
relaxing environment with great company and lovely food and drink.” -Su

“The group were friendly and they were all different people from different places who merged together really well.” – Kay

“I met some truly amazing yogis who I’ve become friends with back in London. Paul and Bert are two of my favourite people! ”- Elke

“It has been amazing. It is just lovely to be with such a nice group of people. The setting is beautiful. The weather is gorgeous. The studio is amazing. I love it.” – Tammy

“The retreat always confirms that yoga is a joy and necessity. -Claire