Teaching Schedule


Sunday: 8:30AM – Hot Yoga South – Balham
Sunday: 10AM – FLOW YOGA – Hot Yoga South – Balham

Monday: 5.30PM & 7PM – Hot Yoga South – Balham

Tuesday: 7AM – SoHotYoga – Soho
Tuesday: 6PM & 8PM – SoHotYoga – Soho

Wednesday: 7AM & 10AM – SoHotYoga – Soho
Wednesday: 5.30PM – FLOW YOGA – Hot Yoga South – Balham

Thursday: 9:30AM – Hot Yoga South – Balham

Thursday: 4:30PM & 6:30PM – FLOW YOGA – Hot Yoga Society – London Bridge

The first Saturday of every month I teach at Bikram Yoga Leicester 10:00AM & 5:00PM

Private yoga sessions
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2 thoughts on “Teaching Schedule”

  1. Hi Paul.

    Really excited to hear you are going to be teaching ‘Dharma Mittra’ at Yoga Haven. I’ve bever experiened this style so will defiantly be popping down as being one of my favourite Bikram teachers I can’t wait to try something new under your guidance. Which brings me to my ask Paul….
    I’m currently looking for new ‘non-hot’ yoga styles to mix with my bikram sessions and am particularly intrigued with the Jivamunkti style as I want to start strengthening my upper body. Being an ex dancer like yourself I like classes that really flow and use the whole body as opposed to stop start static cold stretching with belts etc. I’ve also just moved to Forest Hill and am struggling to find any yoga places here! Can you recommend anywhere near here or any other classes/teachers that might be satisfying for ex dancers.
    Thanks Paul and look forward to seeing you very soon. This cold snap is going to push my lazy-self into the warmth 😉
    Happy Sunday….

  2. Hi Paul
    Thanks fur the class on Thursday.
    I really liked one of your track during your flow class. It was during or around the crow sequence. Sounded like a remixed Brian ferry or something similar.
    Could send me the track name please.
    See you soon.

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