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We’ve all been at home a lot more than usual in recent weeks. You’ve probably noticed new things about your home — where the morning sun hits your yoga mat, where to set up your WFH office to get the best wifi signal, the dripping tap or the squeaky door.

This time has reminded me is that our space is important to our well-being. When we are comfortable in our surroundings we feel better, mentally and physically. Those of us fortunate to have a home have a blessing that offers comfort, security and shelter.


Photo by Dan 7th on Unsplash

We can show our appreciate for this privilege by making the most of it, creating a home full of love, lightness and kindness. Here are three ways you can rejuvenate your space.

Fix one thing

There is always something to do around the house, and then something else. It can be overwhelming to know what to do first, so we wind up doing nothing. Break this cycle by choosing just one thing to do: oil the door hinges, get the tap fixed, replace the broken light switch or bathroom tile. Completing one small repair will motivate you to do another (it wasn’t so bad, was it?) Pretty soon, you can build a habit of quickly addressing small issues before they turn into unpleasant tasks.

Repaint your room (or just one wall)

You don’t have to do a full home makeover to perk up your space. Painting just one room or, if that seems like too much, one wall, can lift the whole mood. Even if you don’t change the colour, a fresh coat will brighten the room; if you do want to change the colour, you can conjure a new atmosphere. Chose vibrant colours to increase energy; or cool tones for a relaxing feel.

Buy art

Buying art isn’t the preserve of the wealthy or people who went to art school, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I’m talking about art in the broadest sense here: something beautiful that moves you in some way. It might be a gorgeous handmade ceramic mug for your morning coffee, a lovely nature photograph, even a piece of stunning fabric to drape a wall or sofa. What matters is that it speaks to you and enhances your space. Sites like Affordable Art Fair, Original Art under £100 or Affordable British Art can help you find pieces that fit your budget and speak to you.

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