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The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, gave a public address over the weekend talking about things that are common concerns: COVID-19 and yoga.

Fittingly, for the leader of the nation from whose culture yoga emerged, Modi highlighted the important role yoga has to play in this global health crisis.


Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

Quoted in the Times Now News, Modi said that people from ‘Haridwar to Hollywood’ are practicing yoga at home using a variety of methods, including online videos and classes.

The Prime Minister highlighted the important role yoga plays in strengthening the respiratory system through breathing practices like Pranayama. He concluded by saying that yoga is ‘good for community, immunity, and unity.’

As restrictions relax and we are able to be out and about more, let’s not neglect the ‘unity and community’ we’ve gained through the lockdown.

These past weeks have been difficult and uncertain at best; heart-breaking at worst. And the coming weeks are going to bring new challenges.

What we can rely on — as PM said — is the strength and serenity we find in yoga. It is a tool we can use every day, whether in solo home practice, an online class or (eventually) in a studio, that will help us maintain our physical and mental wellness.