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We can all use a little more balance in our life, especially these days.

Keeping our emotional and mental equilibrium begins with the physical body. These three balancing yoga poses activate our body and mind to find greater stability and harmony. The more we practice balancing, the more we become confident in our ability to adjust to our surroundings, to stay ‘on the level’ even when the world is uncertain.

Spending just a few minutes a day doing pranayama breathing followed by balancing exercises is a powerful tool for staying grounded, focused, calm and positive.

Awkward Airplane Pose


Learn to fly! This pose is a fantastic way to challenge your core and activate your limbs and cardio system. Start on your hands and knees (Table Top Pose) then extend your leg from the hip. Once you have your balance, slowly extend the opposite arm — you will definitely feel this in your abs.

Balancing Stick Pose


This classic pose gives you a full-body work out in just 10 seconds. Standing, arms straight overhead and hands clasped, take a step forward. Pivot down, maintain your arms straight (pressed against the ears), hips level, back flat and leg strong. Move in and out of the pose slowly, with control, to really challenge your balance.

Eagle Pose


After energising and activating your body with Balancing Stick Pose open your joints and deeply stretch with Eagle Pose. Feet together, scoop your right arm under your left and twine them, bringing the palms together; sit down in Awkward Pose and cross your right leg over the left, bringing your foot behind the calf to create an all-over stretch. Repeat on the opposite side.

What’s your best tip for staying balanced? Share in the comments!