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Eating well is vital to energy and health. Right now, it’s also important to limit your grocery shopping to reduce the risk of contagion.

Soup is a great option because it uses simple ingredients, provides loads of nutrients, can supply lots of meals, and hydrates as it fills you up.

Here are five soup recipes to try now.

orange soup

Photo by Jade Aucamp on Unsplash

Vegan Thai one-step soup

Delicious, lightly spicy and super simple — this is perfect for cooler days.

Butternut squash and cashew soup

Very warming and surprisingly rich due to the cashews, a terrific energy booster that makes a satisfying main meal.

Pea & spinach soup

Packed with immune-supporting antioxidents and nutrients, this tasty green soup is a feel-good lunch or snack.

Red pepper gazpacho

This cold soup preserves the nutrients of the ingredients and is a fresh alternative for a cooling post-yoga snack or light meal.

Cajun-spiced potato soup

This offers a great balance of energy and clean nutrition. Serve it for dinner with a salad and sourdough or flat bread.

Share your favourite soup recipes in the comments!