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Mid-January is in the running for the dullest part of the year. The holidays are truly over (except for the credit card bills and the not-quite-sure-what-to-do-with gifts), the days are short — and short on sunshine — and all we have to look forward to is February.

With that in mind, why not take yourself out of the chill and gloom and into the warm, toasty, inviting environment of a hot yoga studio?


While home practice is great there are times when the literal and metaphorical warmth of hot yoga is invaluable. The energy and inspiration of being with fellow practitioners while actually being hot will radically energise and rejuvenate you.

Warm up!

To get the most out of your hot yoga practice arrive early and spend a few extra minutes getting warmed up before the class starts. Remember to dress warmly on the way to the studio to avoid shocking your body with the temperature contrast.

During class be aware that your back and hamstrings might be particularly tight. Take your time getting into postures, focus on maintaining calm even breathing, and make smooth transitions — moving out of the posture the same way you went in.

Open up!

After the social whirl of the holidays lots of people retreat and take a break from going out in January. While there is nothing wrong with having some chill time at home, it is important to not allow yourself to feel isolated. Hot yoga is the perfect balance of being around people without too much social pressure (not to mention, it’s inexpensive!)

Loosen up!

Our bodies tend to freeze up in cold weather. Our muscles get tight and this affects our mind as well as our physical body. It can make us more rigid, less creative and less mobile, inside and out.

One of the  best ways to stay relaxed and flexible during winter is to maintain a regular yoga practice. Hot yoga or warm vinyasa flow are good options to keep your whole body moving comfortably.

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