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Brussels sprouts are a traditional holiday veg, but their health benefits and versatility make them a perfect seasonal food for the whole of winter.

Loaded with fibre, protein and vitamins including C, K, A and B-6, they are an incredibly nutritious addition to hot or cold dishes. Plus, the crunchy texture and nutty flavour adds wonderful character to any meal.

The traditional way to eat Brussels Sprouts is simply roasted with a bit of oil, salt and lemon juice. But your imagination is the only limit to how you use them.


They can easily be pureed into soup or chopped into a warm salad. If you want sprouts to be the star of the dish there are loads of great recipes available.

Try BBC Good Food’s sweet potato and sprout hash (with or without poached eggs) or the Middle Eastern-inspired cranberry, sprout and pecan pilaf.

Sprout stir-fry with green beans, pine nuts and lemon juice makes a great lunch and chilli-charred sprouts a zesty side.

For the truly adventurous, there is even a Brussels sprout cake recipe. Do let me know if you try it!

Do you have a favourite Brussels sprout dish? Share in the comments!