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We are on the cusp of December which brings winter proper, and the buzz and busy-ness of the holiday season. While the holidays can be glorious fun. They can also lead to stress if we let healthy habits slide, or give in to the pressure to buy the perfect gift, wear the perfect outfit, host the perfect party, etc.

Setting our intentions is a way to help us navigate winter with balance and energy. These five simple winter intentions are a foundation you can build on for a joyous season.


Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

Prioritise your well-being

It is easy to prioritise other people’s expectations and needs, especially during a season where there are often a lot of social and familial expectations. However, you can’t be a jolly host or happy guest if you are frazzled and unwell. Taking care of your own well-being actually gives you more energy for others.

Do (a little) yoga every day

Even something as simple as sun-salutations, or a spine-stretching sequence can relax and invigorate your body and mind, keeping you on track. Better still, make time for your favourite yoga class and enjoy the added benefits of collective energy!

Remember, love doesn’t have a price tag

Shopping can be a major source of holiday stress. Instead of obsessing over gadgets or gifts, take time to think about what the recipient means to you and how you can best express your love. Maybe the best gift is a home-cooked meal, or an uninterrupted afternoon together, or watching old movies with a bowl of popcorn.

Eat for real comfort

As I’ve written before, comfort food doesn’t have to be greasy, sugary, or heavy. Real comfort food is what makes you feel good inside and out. Think hearty soups, warm salads, and stir-fries packed with vegetables. When you eat well you will feel well — and have a better chance of fighting off the colds and flu!


Reach out

The holidays can be a hard time for people, adding extra pressure to difficult situations like grief, poverty, or being far from home. Taking the time to reach out to a friend or acquaintance, or volunteer with a local community group, is an important way we can share the true spirit of the season.

What are your winter intentions? Share in the comments!