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We all need inspiration! It can be found in yoga, friendship, art, music… the list is endless, but there is no doubt we need to refuel our emotional, intellectual and spiritual engines on a regular basis.

As part of my birthday celebrations, I decided to take a road trip with one of my best friends to Liverpool to check out two incredible artists.

Coming from a creative background in fashion and dance, I always make time to visit exhibitions which inspire my own creativity. One of my very favourite graffiti and pop artists, Keith Haring had a exhibition of his work at Tate Liverpool.

The exhibition showcases more than 85 artworks including paintings, drawings,  posters, photographs, and videos. What an exciting vibrant, playful exhibition it was! Haring was an artist and an activist who reached multiple audiences with his ideas and techniques — above all, transmitting his energy and spirit in public spaces.

The Keith Haring Foundation collaborates with fashion designers to this day, keeping his art alive and engaging for every new generation.


Haring, photo: Paul Dobson

 I also had the opportunity to see the Antony Gormley exhibition at the Royal Academy and his ‘Another Place’ installation on Crosby Beach, Liverpool. The art is incredible, interactive, and the installations are enormous in size — hanging in space within space.

His cast iron, sculptural self-portraits are on display at Crosby Beach. More than 100 life-size figures are spread over three kilometres of beach, looking out to the horizon. The first, startling impression is of real people standing there, gazing out to sea.

It is incredible to see them at low tide then can watch the tide come in and see them slowly disappear, which is left to the imagination.

paul haring

Paul at ‘Another Place’

Viewing these imaginative and incredible exhibitions inspired me to think of the connection between yoga and creativity. My — our — daily practice is a practice of being aware of space and process. This is fundamentally linked to art, which also offers us another way to see and experience the world we move through.

The way we view ourselves and move in space changes the way we see ourselves, and our world. To this end, we should keep our mind and body alert — through yoga practice, through art, through experience, through relationships — so we are constantly finding new and enriching experiences in every day life.

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