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Fancy a few more fireworks? Head over to Wembley Park on 10 November for
Light Up the Night, its dual celebration of Bonfire Night and Diwali.


Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash

These days, most Bonfire Night fireworks shows seem to require tickets. Maybe it’s an inevitable result of increasing attendance, or something, but it seems a tiny bit of a shame — as fireworks used to be a spectacle for everyone to enjoy together.

After all, occasions like Bonfire Night aren’t just about fireworks, they are about community. In this vast city, it is easy to lead separate lives from our neighbours, so it’s important to make the effort to get out occasionally and take part in local events.

Light Up the Night is fantastic because it embodies London’s past and present. The combination of English history with Asian culture reminds us that Britain is a vibrant, mixed country built from the lives and joys of people from all over the world.

There will be street food, live music, a light parade and of course a fireworks show!

Wembley Park 

street food.jpg

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash