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Autumn is on its way! Preparing your body for the change of seasons is critical to maintaining your health, energy and positivity as the days get shorter and colder.

Staying hydrated is key to health year-round, but it can get more challenging as the weather cools and you are less inclined to reach for a cold bottle of water. While regular tea and coffee are appealing, they also have a diuretic effect and excessive intake can jangle your nerves.

Instead, embrace the calming, healing properties of infusions based on herbs and spices, which offer a warming, flavourful way to get your liquids.

If you want to get all fancy you can seek out special herbal blends, or make your own. Personally, I find good-quality boxed teas hit the spot, and are less fussy than attempting to do it yourself. However, here are a couple of easy DIY infusions to try too!

Four Hydrating Autumn Infusions


Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

Thyme, rosemary and mint

These three herbs are all wonderful for digestion, and quite a tasty blend. To make this infusion, I use store-bought mint tea bags and add a generous pinch of each dried thyme and dried rosemary, then let infuse for several minutes.

Lemon, ginger and cinnamon

This is a classic that will invigorate your body from the inside out. Lemon and ginger offer antioxidants and stimulate digestion, while cinnamon is reported to balance blood sugar. If you’re suffering a cold or ‘flu, add raw honey for extra soothing.

Heartwarming Yogi Tea

This Ayurveda-based Yogi Tea blend is packed with warming ingredients like ginger, chilli, cloves and black pepper. Delicious on its own or with a splash of non-diary milk.

Elderberry & Echinacea Pukka Tea

This is a great autumnal blend that combines the tartness of elderberry with the immune defending powers of echninacea. Great to see you through the inevitable onslaughts of cold-weather germs!

What’s your favourite autumn infusion? Share in the comments!