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Can you believe it is September? I hardly can…

Yoga Holiday With Paul in Cyprus from 13-21 September is just around the corner.

Whether you’re about to join us in Cyprus, or will be pursuing your usual practice during that week, here are some classic Yoga With Paul tips for getting the most out of the week.


Yoga Holiday With Paul style

Study your practice

Investing your time,  money and energy in a yoga holiday is a chance to push the boundaries of your practice. But to do this most effectively, you have to know where those boundaries are! Over the next few weeks be especially mindful and observant in the studio. Take note of what you struggle with, any questions you have, any areas you want to explore. Then, on the retreat, you are ready to dive right in and learn!

Set an intention for the retreat

Spend some time thinking about why you’re going on the retreat, and what you hope to gain from it. Are you looking to push your practice to the next level with challenging classes? Are you hoping to try new kinds of yoga? Are you eager to relax in the sun and make new friends? Setting an intention will help you be focused right from the start, helping you receive the maximum benefits.

Increase the ZZZZs

Resist the temptation to run around frantically to “get it all done”. The world will not end in the week you take for holiday. Work will be there when you get back. Cleaning the house will be there. Getting your dog to the groomer will be there. Whatever it is, it will be there. Part of the gift and challenge of a yoga holiday is it can help us break out of our habitual behaviours. Get a head start on this practice — and arrive rested and ready for yoga — by making sleep a priority before the holiday.

Clean your plate

What you eat profoundly affects your body. Eating clean for the three weeks before your holiday will ensure you arrive with a clear head and healthy body. Focus on eating lots of whole foods, especially seasonal fruits and vegetables. Scroll through the Yoga With Paul recipe archive for delicious inspiration for smoothies, soups, salads and more!