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The heat of summer can play havoc on your feet, which in turn upsets the stability of your whole body. Sweat and swelling can lead to blisters, unwise sun exposure can cause painful burns. And when your feet hurt, it is hard to concentrate, much less practice yoga, dance, walk through the park, or do any of the things that make summer so great.

During the dog-days, it is worth taking the time to give feet some TLC. Here are 4 ways to treat your feet.

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Photo by Nirzar Pangarkar on Unsplash

Take a cool (foot) bath

Sometimes the old ways are best. A simple foot soak of cool water with epsom salt is incredibly refreshing and helps ease strain. Alternatively, add a generous splash of white vinegar for an invigorating cooling rinse that also helps fight fungus.

Roll your troubles away

Foam rollers are a terrific tool to relieve stress, soothe aching feet and reset your lower body muscles. Relax with a few minutes of foot-rolling after a long day on your feet, or recharge during the day by doing a quick few minutes under your desk at work.

Get a medical pedicure

What’s that exactly? A medical pedicure goes beyond prettying your nails. It involves soaking, scraping away dead skin, massage, moisturising and an exceptional pedicure. It helps combat uncomfortable problems like calluses and ingrown nails, and it gets your feet fabulously beach-ready!


Turn your world upside down

Inversions are a fantastic way to give your feet a break while aligning and energising the rest of your body. Shoulder-stands, head stands, or simply putting your feet up against the wall are all good ways to decompress your lower limbs, invigorate circulation, and give your tootsies much-needed relief from the demands of gravity.

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