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We know from experience that yoga can improve our concentration and mindfulness in the moment. Can it also improve our memory?


Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash

A recent study published in Integrative Medicinesuggests it can. The research involved 43 people who attended a six-week yoga class.

The participants did five tests of working memory and a mindfulness questionnaire, the study found that “four of five memory tests showed a statistically significant… improvement; mindfulness scores also improved.”

Other research shows how yoga enhances kids’ attention and visual-motor precision.

Taken together, this suggests something we yogis already feel: yoga is a tool that can sharpen our mind and strengthen our body at any age, no matter where we begin.

Activate your mind

Tapping into the mental benefits of yoga can be as simple as doing sun salutations in the morning, or practicing Pranayama during your lunch break. The key is to connect with your mind and body in a deliberate, mindful way.

Here are two great practices to get you started:

Sun Salutations



In yoga we use Pranayama to warm up our bodies, expand our lungs and prepare for practice. It puts us into a mindful rhythm with the body and helps us focus.

breathing 1


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