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One of the many fantastic things about London is that it offers so many opportunities to expand our minds and engage with other people and cultures.

Right now, at the Imperial War Museum, is a fascinating series of exhibitions and events called Culture Under Attack that looks at the relationship between culture and war.

This might sound gloomy but in fact the exhibition is celebration of the power of music, art, photography and dance to resist the horrors of war.

rebel sounds.jpg

Photo by Austin Prock on Unsplash

According to the IWM website:

Culture Under Attack is a season of three free exhibitions, live music, performances and talks at IWM London that explore how war threatens not just people’s lives, but also the things that help define us. Telling stories spanning 100 years, Culture Under Attack reveals why some try to erase or exploit culture, while others risk everything to protect, celebrate and rebuild it.

Among the exhibitions, is Art in Exile which shows how cultural treasures in British museums and galleries were evacuated and protected during the Second World War.

There is also an exhibition called Rebel Sounds, focused on music:

Discover artists who have risked their lives in times of conflict for the music they love in Rebel Sounds, our powerful new exhibition at IWM London.

From Hitler’s persecution of swing and jazz groups to the ban of music in Northern Mali under Islamist rule in 2012, oppressive regimes have tried to erase forms of culture and expression. In spite of this, there have always been those willing to risk everything to protect their threatened culture.

Culture Under Attack exhibitions are free and run from now until 5 January.

More information at the Imperial War Museum’s page.