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July is here!

We welcomed summer with an amazing week at Yoga Holiday With Paul in the Algarve. Once again, it was an opportunity to grow your yoga practice, strengthen old friendships, strike up new ones, and enjoy some glorious beach weather.

Getting home is an opportunity to carry what we experienced on holiday over into our daily routine. Whether you’ve been away or not, this is the perfect time for a summer reset — a chance to focus on wellness and set your intention for the coming months.


Yoga Holiday With Paul crew šŸ™‚

For your summer reset, take some time to think about the following things, then decide what areas to focus on to increase your well-being and peace of mind:

Physical body

How do you feel right now? What health concerns do you have? How would you like to feel in the coming months? What can you do to enhance or refresh your yoga practice?


What is your mental state? Do you feel happy, positive, stressed, uncertain? What factors are affecting your mood? How can you incorporate more mindfulness into your life?


What are your relationships like right now? How can you deepen your communication? Is there a relationship that needs nurture or healing?


Are you feeling good about your professional life? What aspects would you like to change or improve? How can you achieve the work/life balance you want?


Where do you want to be by the end of the summer? How can you accomplish these goals? Are there goals you need to let go because they no longer serve you?

Taking the time to think about these aspects of your life can help you spot unhealthy patterns, reinforce good habits, and enjoy a healthful, emotionally rewarding summer.