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We have been blissfully soaking up the sun and sea in the Algarve for the past week — and it shows. Salt water is a great skin treatment and it is definitely noticeable!


Seaside bliss

Swimming in the sea is wonderfully refreshing in any case. Even better, it helps heal and protect our largest organ — the skin — in numerous ways. These are six key benefits.

Reduce excess oil

Bathing in salt water — whether the sea or adding natural sea salt to a bath — can help reduce excessive oil in your skin, without a harsh drying effect.

Kill bacteria

Salt water water has strong anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a great treatment for problems like acne and other bacteria-related skin conditions.

Diminish scars

If you have scarring, salt water is said to help diminish the appearance of scars by promoting your skin’s regeneration.

Heal minor wounds

Everyday scrapes, scuffs and cuts greatly benefit from salt water treatment. The anti-bacterial properties help prevent any infection and salt water has a soothing effect.


Exfoliates the skin

Salt water is an excellent natural way to exfoliate the skin. If you don’t have the sea at hand, try a salt scrub.

Reduces inflammation

Stress, sun exposure, pollution and other irritants can inflame our skin. Salt water can reduce inflammation and help our skin maintain its natural defences.

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