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Regular yoga practice gives us the physical and mental strength to overcome many difficulties, so it can be scary when we find ourselves in a situation that yoga can’t fix.

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Photo by Rohit Guntur on Unsplash

Trying times

Sometimes, despite our healthy lifestyle, we get hit by illnesses or injuries. That loss of control is distressing, because we are used to feeling strong and well thanks to yoga.

Often, events are even further out of our control: losing a job, ending a relationship, a loved one passing away. When grief, anxiety, fear, depression and other hard emotions arise it can be hard to deal with because we rely on yoga to keep us calm and happy.

Perfectionist mindset

Sometimes people get so wrapped up in the idea of yoga being a cure-all that they interpret sickness and sadness as a failure. As if it happened because you weren’t trying hard enough, or doing your yoga the right way.

I believe this is a harmful, even dangerous mindset.

Life happens.

Yoga is not a magic bubble that protects us from problems, it is a tool we can use to cultivate patience and courage in troubled times.

Finding the help we need

When we’re struggling or suffering we need support and human connection.

We need to seek appropriate help for our physical or mental distress.

We need to be able to express our fears and pain.

We need to be gentle with ourselves.

Yoga plays its part

Regular yoga practice involves us in a supportive, caring community. It helps us discover our strength and stamina. It teaches us to have an open mind. All these things can, and do help in times of crisis, but we shouldn’t expect yoga to fix things.

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