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Modern culture and technology is increasingly making it difficult to concentrate, because every time we start to do something, or go somewhere, we get an alert (or message, or call, or reminder, or pop-up ad) that grabs our attention.

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Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

These distractions add up to a lot of wasted mental and emotional energy. We lose focus on important communications with partners, friends or loved-ones. We drop the thread of work projects. We get busier and busier without achieving more, or feeling better.

To overcome distraction we must improve our filters.

  • We have to train ourselves to ignore things that are non-essential
  • We have to set priorities and abide by them
  • We have to be mindful
  • We have to make choices that support focus and meaning

This is easier said than done.

It can be almost impossible to ignore a blinking phone, or resist the urge to scroll through a social media feed. Moreover, it is easy to get addicted to busy-ness.

To fight back, you have to take action.

Yoga is anti-distraction. 


Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

Yoga demands concentration and focus. It grounds us in our body and in the moment.

The yoga studio is a sanctuary from phones, bustle, noise, and external demands.

Yoga teaches us to control our body and mind. As we practice, we discover strength, stamina and flexibility. We learn that we don’t have to react to stimuli, or be victims of racing thoughts and anxieties.

Yoga is probably the single most powerful tool I know for bringing calm in the midst of chaos. We need it more than ever to overcome distraction in a chaotic world.

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