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Recently, I had the incredible experience of going to Thailand and spending time with the wonderful kids (and adults) of Phuket Has Been Good To Us (phbgtu). This organisation works to improve the opportunities and life chances of underprivileged Thai youth through high quality English language education.


Shiny, happy beaches

During my time there, I had the chance to participate in a beach clean-up with the kids — what fantastic, joyous bunch they are! It was also a tremendous privilege to present donations to the organisation so it can continue its positive work.

It was a simple reminder that we can help others in so many ways. Taking time out from our busy lives we can make a difference and create a smile.
You don’t have to go to Thailand, either. Volunteering in your own community, or simply reaching out to a struggling friend or loved one has just as much impact and meaning as travelling halfway around the world.
So wherever you are, extend a hand to someone and practice karma yoga today!

Donations for phbgtu

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