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There are two great events in London this month that focus on gender, society and culture. The first is WOW — Women of the World — on 8 & 9 March at Southbank Centre.

Influential women at the Women on the Move Awards

The programme includes two very special conversations, including on Friday 8 March – International Women’s Day – with Angela Davis, and with Naomi Klein on Saturday 9 March, as well as two full afternoons: WOW: What Now? and WOW: What Next? led by Jude Kelly – and more.

WOW has held 65 festivals in 5 continents over 30 locations in over 15 countries from Baltimore to Brazil, Cardiff to Karachi, and further across the UK, Australia and the USA, reaching over 2 million girls and women, and men and boys too.

The WOW Foundation is an independent organisation working to build, convene and sustain a global movement that believes a gender equal world is possible and desirable through WOW festivals and empowering women and girls.

The second event that caught my eye is the Festival of New Masculinity. This is a series of events that focus on men’s mental health and, especially, suicide prevention.

 There’s a packed programme of events including brunches, workshops led by the trans community, panel talks on music and mental health, live podcasts and secret gigs with a portion of all ticket sales going to the suicide prevention charity Calm.

Know a great event happening this month? Share in the comments.