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February is the official depths of winter. It’s been a long time since Christmas and spring is still a distant prospect. We can easily lose focus during this dull, dark month so this year, instead of succumbing to the mid-winter blahs, let’s step it up!

A mid-winter yoga challenge is a great way to stay energised and excited about your practice. Here are four ideas to help you get your yoga groove on this month.


Plank pose (Purvottanasana)

One-month challenge

Since February is the shortest calendar month it is a perfect option for doing yoga every day for a month. Depending on your preference and schedule you can commit to 28 days of classes at your local studio; one month of home practice; or some combination. The key is to get on the mat every single day. I promise you will feel powerful!

Learn something new challenge

Is there a posture you’ve always wanted to master? A breathing technique that would invigorate your practice? Have you been longing to spend more time on meditation or mindfulness? Make this the month. Choose one thing you’ve been putting off and dedicate to studying and practicing it this month.

Yoga buddy challenge

Remember yoga means unity — and you can use it to connect with others. This month, commit to regular yoga sessions with a friend, or friends. Take the opportunity to invite a non-yogi friend to your studio and introduce them to the practice. Or partner up with another practitioner to support each other on your yoga journey. Don’t just go to class together, make time for fun afterwards. Popping out for a juice or coffee after a session is a chance to reconnect and nourish your emotional and social bonds.

Enrichment challenge

Lots of times we find one or two classes, or types of yoga, that suit us and we stick to those. This month, why not spend some time exploring the breadth and depth of yoga? Read a classic or contemporary yoga text (check out some great book recommendations here), watch a documentary about yoga, try a new class in a different tradition. Learning more about the wonderful, wide world of yoga it will enrich and inspire your practice.

Ideas for a mid-winter yoga challenge? Share in the comments!