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As we open up to a new year we also need to build a solid foundation for new sensations, experiences and challenges. Yoga is a tool to ground us, to help us connect with what is fundamental in our body and spirit so we can expand and grow.

I’ve chosen these three grounding yoga poses because you are literally on the ground. There are many other powerful grounding poses (more on those later) but I want to highlight these three because they are for anyone, any time, any level.

These three grounding poses will gently awaken the awareness between your mental and physical body. They will activate your spine, relieve stress, release tension and prepare you for everything that follows.

Welcome the new year with Balasana

Balasana (Child’s pose)

This is a wonderful posture to do any time you need to stretch, refresh and relax.

  1. Kneel on your mat with your legs and feet together. Sit on your heels.
  2. Separate your knees to hip-width apart.
  3. Stretch forward on the exhale laying your torso between your thighs and resting your forehead on the mat. Feel your tailbone lengthening away from the pelvis.
  4. Bring your arms back so they are resting alongside your thighs, palms facing upwards. Let gravity pull the front of your shoulders down, stretching your shoulder blades.

Ardha Kurmasana (Half-tortoise pose)

This is a fantastic pose for stretching your whole spine from sacrum to neck.

  1. Kneel on your mat with your legs and feet together. Sit on your heels.
  2. Raise your arms over your head and place your palms together, squeezing your ears with your biceps.
  3. Bow forward with a long, flat back.
  4. When your fingertips reach the floor relax your forehead onto the floor.
  5. Press your palms together to activate your arms.
  6. Work your hips down towards your heels while reaching forward, elongating and releasing your neck.

Savasana (Corpse pose)

This is a fantastic yoga pose for relaxation and cultivating mindfulness.

  1. Lie flat on your back on your mat (or any firm, comfortable surface).
  2. Relax your shoulders, extending your arms by your side, palms up.
  3. Keep your heels together or spread your feet slightly, whichever is comfortable.
  4. Breathe naturally, trying to inhale and exhale for the same count.
  5. Mentally scan your body for any tension and release it for complete relaxation.

What’s your favourite grounding pose? Share in the comments!