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We are what we eat, right? So what will we be in 2019?

BBC Good Food had a fun article about food trends for the coming year and, I’m happy to say lots of them are things the yoga community has been embracing for years.

These are the top four trends the BBC highlighted that fit into the yoga ethos of clean eating and foods that respect our bodies and the environment.

ugly veg

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Read the full article here 🙂

Meat-free eating

Britain’s attitude to meat is changing dramatically…. According to data seen by M&S (poised to launch a new range of vegan ready meals and on-the-go options), 3.5 million people now identify as vegan, 20% of under-35s have tried veganism, and 25% of our evening meals are now meat-free. ‘It’s no longer niche,’ agrees Weinbren. ‘And this isn’t just committed vegans but people saying, ‘I want to cut down my meat intake.’

Gut friendly foods

Sales of Lakeland’s kefir kit are ‘flying’ along with M&S’s kombucha. ‘As customers come to understand the positive in influence of bacteria on gut health, the global fermented drinks market is in huge growth,’ reports M&S food trends insight manager Helen Arpino.

Reducing food waste

Ocado buyer India Moore says, ‘We’re seeing exciting products made using misshapen fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste, such as crisps and hummus. Eco-friendly searches on ocado.com leapt 93% last year, and we can see this “rescued food” trend gaining momentum in 2019.’ Get inspired with our ideas for homemade vegetable crisps.

Cutting back on booze

From sub-0.5% ABV craft beers (check out Big Drop Brewing Co.) to serious mocktails (try the Dry Monsoon Martini from Dishoom), younger Brits are dialling-down their alcohol intake. No- or low-alcohol is set to grow in sophistication.

What food trends would you like to try? Share in the comments!