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I came across an old Twitter post by the lovely Natalie Reid, aka Natty, who posted this snapshot of a super crowded hot yoga class I taught at Hot Yoga South.


It got me thinking about the energy of busy classes — and how to make the most of it.

Embrace the chaos

We do yoga to be calm and centered in a crazy world. Part of practice is learning to focus when things are hectic — and where better to start than in the studio?

If you walk into a packed class, open yourself to the experience, even if it means you don’t get your favourite spot in front of the mirror.

Drink up

Busier classes are even hotter, thanks to all those hard-working beautiful bodies. Make sure to sip water steadily (without overburdening your stomach). Afterwards, grab a coconut water for some extra electrolytes.

Absorb the energy

Crowded classes are bursting with good energy. Focus on absorbing the positivity and reinforcing the energetic connections in the room. In a full class you might not be able to do your practice in exactly the same way you normally would, but take that as an opportunity to be spontaneous and share the collective energy.


Someone steps on your toes, knocks over your water, or drips on your towel. Smile and let it be! Remember, you’re here to become a more flexible, compassionate, mindful person, inside and out. There is always a lot of laughter in busy classes. This can be tough  initially if you’re someone who prefers library silence, but it can be incredibly joyful once you let go of expectations and accept the beauty of the present moment.

What do you prefer: crowded classes or quiet? Share in the comments!