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“What are your fears? Your fears are all a result of your attachments”
~Sri Dharma Mittra


It is easy to worry, to be anxious and afraid. How do we resist and stay brave?

The quote from Sri Dharma Mittra above is not an answer, but it is a light that illuminate one potential path.

What does it mean that our fears are the results of our attachments?

If we’re attached to financial status, we fear losing our jobs. If we are attached to relationships, we fear losing loved ones. If we are attached to health, we fear sickness.

Everything we cling to can cause fear, because we know we cannot hold onto it. Ultimately, life happens. Sometimes that means losing a loved one, a job, or one’s health.

Fearing these situations does not prevent them, but it does mean that we often spend a lot of time worrying about things that may never come to pass.

Non-attachment doesn’t mean not caring, but it means taking a different attitude towards the things we love and value. It means cultivating our awareness that fear and worry do not actually make life better for anyone.

Loving without attachment 

When we acknowledge that our attachment is non-constructive, we free up our energy to do something other than worry. If work is important, we can dedicate positive effort to doing it well and joyfully. Instead of infecting our relationships with anxiety, we can focus on being present, loving and compassionate during the precious time we have. If health is our preoccupation, we can invest time in yoga, eating well, and other things that actually make us healthier.

We can love better, and live better, when we stop clinging to the things we love and embrace the beauty of enjoying them in the present moment.