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Yoga shouldn’t be too serious. So why not get into the spirit of Halloween and dress up?

There is a fun post over on Popsugar about costumes you can create using black yoga leggings — my favourites from the list are pirate, ninja, burglar, and one of the Pink Ladies from Grease. 

Of course, it’s a bit difficult to do Pranayama with a cutlass clinched in your teeth, and the pink satin jackets would really ramp up the sweat so… I got to thinking about slightly more user-friendly yoga looks based on different asanas.


Hop into brown leggings/shorts and a green sport bra or tee and et voila, you’ve got the perfect tree costume to help you connect with nature on Halloween.


Dress in all grey to practice your Bridge Pose this holiday!


An all-black yoga outfit will help you soar (ahem!) into crow pose on the 31st.



Snakeskin leggings and a coordinating top will add flair to your Cobra Pose!


Bright yellow or orange will lift your mood and brighten the studio as you practice your Sun Salutations.


Opt for shimmery silver or soft white to capture a slice of lunar magic in Half-Moon pose.

Add your suggestions in the comments!