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Yoga is one of the best ways possible to keep your heart pumping on chilly autumn days where you just want to hibernate. During the season of cold, dark and damp staying warm and keeping your metabolism, skin and mood happy all depend on blood flow.

Hot yoga is optimal during winter months, as you are able to sweat deeply and really push your heart rate, increasing the benefits of the postures. Warm flow, aka vinyasa yoga is a gentler option for those who find the full hot studio overwhelming. And even home practice is a great way to keep your circulation healthy and vigorous.

Here are three poses to pump it up!



There’s a reason we always begin hot yoga classes with pranayama: the deep breathing is an instant boost to your circulation and respiration, while helping detoxify the body. In winter it also helps prevent respiratory problems such as colds, bronchitis and shortness of breath.


Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

Bring sunshine to every day with sun salutations anywhere, with or without a yoga mat.  They are the perfect way to ground yourself and maintain your practice when you’re travelling, away from your normal yoga studio, or simply have limited time.

Click here for a full pictorial guide.

Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose)

This challenging, invigorating pose opens the whole front of your body — creating space for your heart and lungs to work in harmony. It requires balance and strength as well, activating multiple large muscle groups such as the quads, glutes, arms and abdominals to push your circulation into high year.

Click here for a detailed guide to wheel pose, and here for tips on how to work up to it!

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