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What we eat has an impact on the planet, and those around us, as well as on our own bodies. Our choices affect the quality of air and water. They help determine whether or not other people get to eat.

I believe mindful eating involves thinking about all the aspects of our food so I love encountering companies and products that are working to make food sustainable.Rubies in the Rubble

London-based company Rubies in the Rubble does just that. Created to fight food waste, it uses discarded fruit and veg to make a range of chutneys, jams and preserves. It even offers a vegan mayonnaise!Chipotle Mayo

Rubies in the Rubble website also has a load of recipes with ideas for hearty, sustainable meals, many of which are veggie or vegan. Their pumpkin-and-sweetcorn fritters look particularly tasty for cool autumn weather!

Sharing ideas about things that create positive benefits for our own health, and that of others, is one of the things this blog is all about. So I would love it if you shared your favourite examples of sustainable, mindful food and eating. Whether it is a place, product, or person, please share your suggestions in the comments!.