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You know my love of fashion, and sustainability, so you can imagine how thrilled I am to be a brand ambassador for an amazing new men’s swimwear brand: Sloppy Tunas.

Sloppy WrapsSloppy StrawsSloppy 6-pack

In addition to keeping me well-dressed on holiday this week, this young company is doing something incredible: It turns plastic rubbish into super-stylish men’s shorts. Not just any plastic rubbish, though, but trash collected from the Mediterranean Sea. How cool is that?

If, like me, you love the turquoise waters of the Med, it is a fantastic feeling to know your chic beachwear has directly helped make it a cleaner, safer place.

It takes about seven plastic bottles to make each pair of shorts, so the more you own… the more you help clean up the environment!

Here’s how it works:

Our swimsuits are produced with 100% recycled polyester yarn made from plastic picked up from the sea, that’s why it contributes to preserving the environment and reducing pollution in the planet’s water. With a controlled and traceable production process, we recycle the plastic collected, turning it into plastic pellets, and then into high quality thread. The end result is a recycled polyester fabric meeting all quality standards.

To me, this is just brilliant. Our modern lifestyles create so many problems due to waste and over-consumption. It is great to see people turn this around and use technology in a creative way to help the environment and, not incidentally, make some great shorts.

The summer sale is on with a 20% discount on the website — grab your pair!