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We learn to face difficulties but what if we could learn to embrace difficulties?

Philosophers through the millennia have taught that the path to fulfillment involves not just accepting but welcoming life’s challenges. Why? Because through them we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, greater compassion for others, and an appreciation for all aspects of our existence.


Practice makes the difficult joyful

How do we embrace difficulties?

Yoga is a wonderful tool because it enables us to physically embody the practice of welcoming challenge. Think about it, every time you step on the mat you are making a choice to step out of your comfort zone. It would be easier to stay at home on the sofa, but you’re something else.

Each posture is a reminder that your mind and body are capable of working in harmony, even if the situation is uncomfortable, like a 40 degree hot studio!

Working on difficult poses teaches that you are capable of making small adjustments that lead to progress. Every time you try a new posture, you show your capacity for doing something brand new.

If you apply your yogi mind to life outside the studio you can develop the exact same ability to surmount difficulties.

Next time you’re faced with a challenging situation, take a deep breath and imagine you’re facing a tough new posture — because you are!

Breath into the discomfort, face it without judgement or expectation of yourself or others. Know that it will pass. Know that next time you will be a little bit stronger, a little bit more steady on your feet, a little bit more prepared.

How does yoga help you embrace challenges? Share in the comments.