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Summer ’tis the season for holidays, sport, day trips and, of course, the usual routine of work, family, yoga and so on.

All this activity can run down our immune system — especially if we’re flying, spending a lot of time in air conditioned buildings, and so forth.

Fortunately there are natural ways to boost your body’s natural defences. These four immune boosting tips can help you sail through summer happy and healthy.


Twists detoxify & refresh the body


Getting enough rest is one of the best ways to support your immune system, but it can be hard to do in summer. Between shorter nights and busy social lives, we often fail to get as much sleep as we need. However, making a conscious effort to set aside time for rest will repay you in greater energy and well-being during the day. If you’re having trouble resting in the heat try these tips. If you struggle with insomnia, practice yoga nidra.


Prebiotic foods are things like fruits and vegetables that help boost the immune system by enhancing the action of probiotics, which nurture the good bacteria in our gut. Check out this list of six prebiotic foods.

Practice Yoga

No surprise here: regular yoga practice is one of the best ways to support your body’s disease fighting capabilities. Yoga flushes out toxins, cleanses our body, boosts our cardiovascular system, builds stamina, and encourages mental clarity — all of which help us stay strong and healthy. Try these immune-boosting yoga tips.


Scientists take seriously the idea that laughter can support the immune system, and studies support the idea that a positive mindset can improve your body’s response. You don’t have to dig through science journals to know that being in a good mood makes you feel better. Make time to joke with friends, tell funny stories, or watch a favourite comedy — laughter really might be the best medicine.

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