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Towels are an essential piece of equipment for hot yoga, warm vinyasa yoga, or any summer yoga class where temperatures get you sweating. In these conditions ordinary bath or beach towels get wet, heavy and cumbersome.

Yoga-specific towels are designed to offer more grip, better absorbency, and to be lighter and easier to carry — all things you’ll be grateful for when you’re stuffing your yoga gear back into the bag at the end of a class. Here are three yoga towels that get great recommendations.

Gaiam Unisex Mat Towel, Grape/Navy, One SizeGaiam Mat Towel

This best-of-both towel has microfibre on one side, to absorb sweat, and a rubberised side that sticks like glue to your yoga mat. It is thin and lightweight, too, making it a great towel to take on a yoga holiday — or any holiday.




IUGA Hot Yoga Towel

Built for hot yoga, this towel is extra thick to soak up more sweat and made from tactile microfibre that helps you keep your grip in the postures. It comes with corner pockets that you can hook over the edges of your mat so everything stays in place — no more fidgeting with your towel halfway through class — and it’s machine washable.


Combo Yoga Mat

The Combo Yoga Mat. Luxurious, Non-slip, Mat/Towel Designed to Grip Better w/Sweat! Machine Washable, Eco-Friendly. Ideal for Hot Yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, or Sweaty Practice. (Kaleidoscope)

This is perfect if you’re looking for a stylish all-in-one mat/towel combo. You won’t ever have to worry about towel slippage again, as this has an absorbent microfibre side built into the cushioned mat made from natural tree rubber. The microfibre is from recycled plastic bottles, making this an eco-friendly option. Plus you’ll save time and energy since you only have to wash one piece of gear instead of two.