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In the summer heat it can be tempting to let our practice slip. Hot yoga is less appealing when you spend the whole day sweating, and sometimes, just getting through the day feels like a workout.


However, our bodies (and minds) need movement to stay healthy. The New York Times reported on two recent studies that tested what happened when active people deliberately stopped moving for two weeks.

The first study, conducted at the University of Liverpool, showed that in just two weeks of inactivity body fat increased, muscle decreased, cardio capacity decreased. Perhaps most worrying for long-term health, they showed signs of insulin resistance, one of the main precursors to Type 2 diabetes.

Most of the study participants returned to normal after resuming activity, but in some of the others, negative symptoms persisted.

This suggests something yogis have always known — the best practice is daily practice. If you can’t make the studio, or don’t have time for a full session, remember you can do yoga everywhere. Your body will thank you.

How do you maintain a daily practice? Share your tips in the comments.