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Our fingers connect us to the world. They are in constant motion, gripping, tapping, holding, pulling, pushing, reaching. In yoga, we use them to benefit other postures, often without thinking about them. So today, I want to put the spotlight on our over-worked, under-appreciated fingers.

These four yoga poses, performed with mindful awareness, are highly beneficial to improving the strength, flexibility and well-being of your fingers, as well as the whole hand and wrist.


Next time you do the opening Pranayama sequence in hot yoga pay close attention to your fingers. Maintain the grip and focus on working your fingers through the full natural range of motion, without pressure or discomfort.

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

As you can see in the photo, cobra pose is an excellent stretch for your fingers, moving up through palms and wrists to your arms. Apply pressure evenly in order to gently stretch the muscles and tendons. Note and release any tension.

Sun salutations

Surya Namaskara (Sun salutations)

If you only do one thing for your fingers, make it sun salutations. Surya manaskara works fingers through a full range of motion as you flow through the sequence. It is also a total-body energiser, which boosts blood flow to encourage healing and detoxification.

Salabhasana (Half-locust pose)

This is one of the best all-around postures for your fingers. Next time you do half-locust, concentrate on the placement of your fingers. Notice what is comfortable and where you feel pressure. This can be quite an intense posture so it is fine to work into it slowly. Over time, it is a terrific tool for  healing your fingers, wrists, lower arms and elbows.

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