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Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

A friend of mine recently got on the wrong end of  credit card fraud on the internet. Fortunately, she spotted the transaction and froze the card, but she still had to go through  a dozen websites changing passwords, updating security details and so forth.

Like so many of us, she’d gotten in the habit of using similar passwords and turning off two-step verification because, well, it just seemed like a hassle.

Which got me thinking about all the ways we “turn off” in daily life, or repeat ourselves because it is easy and familiar.

  • We do it in the yoga studio when we slack off in a posture, or don’t push ourselves.
  • We do it at the grocery store when we habitually by the same not-so-good foods.
  • We do it in our relationships when we have the same petty arguments.
  • We do it at work when we complain instead of addressing a problem.
  • We do it in our spiritual lives when don’t attend to our deeper needs.
  • We do it intellectually when we say things without thinking.

We are all creatures of habit. This can be positive, when it is a good habit, but we can also easily slid into carelessness.

Sometimes the consequence is as direct as  a hacked credit card, most of the time it is more subtle: dissatisfaction, boredom, frustration, lack of communication.

The good news is, we can always get out of a rut, if we try.

Mindfulness helps us identify negative patterns; practice helps us change them up.

What would you like to change? Share in the comments!