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One of the best things about Yoga Holiday With Paul — this year and every year — is the food. It is amazing how alive and energised you feel after eating fresh, simple, veggie food. Even though my daily diet is pretty sound, the difference a week of really clean eating makes is notable.

The trouble of course is that I don’t have fantastic caterers to follow me around London and serve me amazing meals (though if anyone is interested… get in touch!)

The contrast between the luxurious simplicity of having great, fresh food provided for every meal and the ordinary juggle of trying to eat well while rushing between studios, classes, and other commitments got me thinking.

Is there a way to recreate some of that culinary magic without A) breaking the bank or
B) giving up work and spending all day at the farmers’ market?


Mealtime, Yoga Holiday With Paul style

Here are three ideas, ranging from budget to investment… I’d love to hear yours!

  1. Simplify:

    Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, focusing on simplicity can help bring us back to eating whole foods in their natural state. A lot of the delicious dishes we enjoyed on the Yoga Holiday were fresh salads. What could be easier than filling a bowl with greens and adding tomatoes, cucumber, shredded carrot and beetroot, sliced radishes, etc? A splash of lemon juice and drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil is as clean and easy a dressing as you could wish for.
    Chopped fruit, or even just a bowl of berries or figs, is a perfect sweet or snack.

  2. Break one bad habit:

    We all have food weaknesses: crisps, chocolates, second helpings, extra cream in our coffee. When we’re fired up about eating better we often decide to renounce them all at once. The result? We feel deprived, get frustrated, give up. Instead of trying to have a “perfect” diet, why not give up just one thing? Maybe you don’t really like those afternoon biscuits, but they’re a habit; or maybe you pour a glass of wine when you get home without even thinking about it. Find one little habit like that, and break it. Replace the biscuits with fruit, have a glass of iced cloudy lemonade instead of wine… whatever you choose, focus on swapping the less-healthful habit for something that is going to actively make you feel better.

  3. Invest in food:

    You invest in yoga classes and equipment to keep your body healthy; you invest in grooming treatments and products to keep it looking its best; you invest in hobbies and holidays to stay happy and balanced. You should also invest in food. If you think about it, the money you spend on fruit, vegetables, and whole or near-whole foods is probably a lot less than you spend on processed products. Make a decision to invest more of your food money in products that are going to actively promote wellness. This might mean setting aside time and money for a weekly outing to the farmers’ market, it might mean upping the fruits and vegetables in your Ocado order, it might even mean trying meal delivery services like It’s Thyme that offer prepped vegan and vegetarian food for home cooking,

What’s your best tip for better eating? Share in the comments!