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Yoga is a wonderful way to cultivate self-compassion, which enables us to show genuine compassion for others. But no matter how advanced our practice, or keen our empathy, we all still struggle to find the right words to say to someone who is hurting.

This inability to communicate our compassion and caring can cause us to unwittingly retreat from pain, and even strain our relationships with loved ones who are having a tough time. How can we best show our concern?

According to a great article on Thrive Global, the best thing to say to someone who is hurting is: “How can I love you best right now?”

The author, Rhiannon Webb, explains that this is a way to avoid projecting your own ideas, advice or anxieties onto the situation; it gives your friend a sense of agency; and it affirms your love and support.

Isn’t that great: How can I love you best right now?

It is a question that opens things up, that invites real communication, not just platitudes. Personally, I don’t see any reason to save it for life crisis. Asking our loved ones on a regular basis, “how can I love you best right now?” is a great way to enhance intimacy and connection in every day life.

Who are you going to ask first…?