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Yoga “mini-breaks” are a great way to build your practice when you’re pressed for time.

A lot of students I know struggle to fit regular classes around their busy lives, and then feel bad or get discouraged because they feel like they are falling behind or “failing”.

Hitting the studio for an hour-long Vinyasa class or a 90 minute hot yoga workout is fantastic. It strengthen, stretch and revitalise your mind and body.

But it is not the only way to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Yoga can happen anywhere and everywhere. And in any span of time.


Time for a yoga mini-break!

A yoga “mini-break” can be 5, 10, or 15 minutes long. Instead of having to block out an hour or two, you can do several short sets of breathing and postures throughout your day, which can easily add up to an hour!

For example, you could begin your morning with five minutes of Pranayama — or do a few minutes to centre yourself before a big meeting.

During the day you can do Tadasana (Mountain Pose) at your desk.

Take a few minutes to do cow and cat, and downward facing dog to relax and invigorate your whole body at any time of day.

If headstand is part of your practice that is a great one to energise and reset your body.

Unwind in the evening with Balasana (Child’s pose) and Savasana. This will release the tension of the day and prepare you for restful sleep.

Just a few minutes with each of these poses throughout the day will provide multiple benefits to your mind and body — without overburdening your schedule.

Yoga “mini-breaks” are a realistic way to do #yogaeverydamnday so give it a try!