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I have the privilege of teaching at Dive London’s London TDC Camp. Elite young divers were there to refine their skills in preparation for Olympian futures!


London TDC dive camp

These amazing young athletes have tremendous drive and dedication and, I was delighted to discover, an open-minded embrace of yoga. They were great students and it was a pleasure to share not just the physical postures but also the spirit of yoga.

Competitive sport is grueling. Elite athletes face a real challenge in staying strong against injuries and mental exhaustion. Practicing yoga enables them to gain balance and unity, in mind and body. Regular practice can help offset the dangers of over-training and create a more mindful, integrated approach to their sport.

It was a great pleasure to participate in the TDC Camp. I look forward to seeing where these stars rise!

Questions about integrating yoga with your sport training? Please ask in the comments or contact me at yogawithpaul@gmail.com or via Twitter @YogaWithPaul