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Last week I had the chance to lead a hot yoga master class at Yoga Lounge Bournemouth. One of the great things about yoga is that you become part of a global community. As a teacher, or practitioner, I can step into a studio in Brussels, Bournemouth, Leicester, or London and know I will meet wonderful people who will share their unique energy.


Paul & Amber @ Yoga Lounge

This is a privilege we all enjoy as yogis, and one we should take advantage of whenever we can. The next time you’re in Bournemouth, why not stop by the Yoga Lounge? Whatever class you choose, whatever teacher you meet, you’ll find yourself welcomed, refreshed and drawn deeper into your practice.

Owner and teacher extraordinaire Amber Fidler (follow her on Instagram here) has created a space full of light and energy, with a wide variety of yoga styles. Whether you want your hot yoga fix, or want to try another style such as Fierce Grace or ariel yoga, this is the place. Check out the website here.

Share your tips for home-away-from-home yoga studios in the comments!