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Some days are easy. Life flows. We’re in the zone and it feels natural to aim high and be our best self. Other days, in contrast, it can seem like a huge chore just to face the day and get through without biting someone’s head off (metaphorically, of course).

How can we rise above on days that drag us down? The first and most important thing I’d say is: practice yoga. Daily practice restores, balances, cleanses and grounds us. Even if it is just 15-20 minutes of Sun Salutations, doing yoga every day is a great way to boost your determination.


Determination gives us strength

This Great Performers Academy post had some other interesting ideas on how to stay determined even when life gets tough.

Fight negative thoughts with positive ones

Our willpower is often hampered by negative thoughts. Whenever we have so much will to perform in an excellent way, a negative thought emerges out of nowhere and destroys this strength. To eliminate it, simply think of a positive thought every time the negative one emerges. This helps you to control your thoughts and eventually your actions.

Discover your why

Willpower is fuelled by emotion. It is a motivation to keep going. For you to keep it burning, you need to have a strong why behind it. This is your reason for doing what you have chosen to pursue. Ensure that your why is strong. This will help you to know what to do next.

Postpone irrelevant activities to focus on the relevant ones

Interestingly, postponing irrelevant things can actually help you. This activity can help you to overcome negative things like bad habits and addictions. By telling yourself, “Not now, later,” you can gradually generate the determination to finally kick this bad influence for good. This is vital so as to achieve success in life.

Do not fear

One of the biggest killers of determination is fear. When you are determined, you perform at a high level. However, fear interferes with this process and makes you deliver lower results than is required. As such, you have to be brave and face your fears so as to become more determined.

What is your best advice on how to be determined? Share in the comments!