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I’ve been away recently and hoped, optimistically, to come back to a warmer city than I left. Not to be! The whole of the UK and even Europe has been hammered by cold. The snow is beautiful but it has disrupted life across the whole country.


Occasions like this remind me that no matter how hard we try we are, ultimately, not in control. We have our schedules, routines, routes, jobs, plans, and so forth yet all it takes is a blast of winter weather to turn everything on its head.

This can be very frightening to some people. It is natural to want to feel in control, to feel like the masters of our destiny. However, if we look at it through the lens of yoga, we gain a different perspective.

Our world, our environment, and even our daily routine, is at the mercy of forces way beyond our power. The only thing we can change is ourselves. We may not be able to make it to work, or to our appointments, or even to yoga, due to circumstances beyond our control. What we can do, is approach whatever life throws at us with mindfulness and flexibility.

Yoga teaches us that what matters is not the outcome, but our effort. Wherever we are, whatever situation arises, we can always do our best to maintain a loving, open, creative heart and mind. If we do that, nothing can derail us — not even a blizzard!

How did the Big Freeze affect you? Share in the comments!