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I’ve read an interesting article lately about how often you should shower. Not surprisingly, blasting your skin with hot water and strong soap isn’t the best way to keep it soft, smooth and healthy.

However, I doubt the people writing those articles are thinking of hot yoga when they advocate cutting back to the occasional quick rinse!


Smile in the skin you’re in 🙂

What’s a happy medium that maintains good hygiene while caring for your skin?

The best advice seems to be to step away from the power shower. Hot water is comforting, but it dries your skin, especially during cold weather. Experts suggest using warm water and mild, natural cleansing products that will help preserve your skin’s natural defences.

After bathing, always use a moisturiser, preferably organic. Moisturisers based on coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil or other natural oils are ideal.

And of course, stay hydrated and wrap up warm when you go outside!

What is your favourite natural cleanser or moisturiser? Share in the comments!