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I’ve had an amazing time teaching vinyasa technique workshops recently and would love to see even more people come out and join the fun.workshop1

The word “workshops” makes it sound quite serious. It’s not! There is a lot of smiles, laughter, and a relaxed atmosphere. Even what I call a “technical” workshop is suitable for all abilities. We practice for improvement, not perfection.

Unfortunately, I think yogis sometimes self-select. If they have a regular practice they figure they don’t need workshops. If they don’t have a regular practice, they worry they aren’t “good enough”.

The fact is, everyone can benefit from the focus and pace of a workshop. It is a space where you can experiment, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the postures. As you learn more about how and why we move certain ways your practice matures. And, did I mention, it’s a lot of fun?

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