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On the eve of Valentine’s Day we’re bombarded with images that equate romance with chocolate, roses, champagne and satin sheets. There is nothing wrong with any of these but I doubt they make us better lovers in either the physical or emotional sense.

Yoga, on the other hand, may be the key to being a fantastic lover.yoga love feet

The Yoga Journal interviewed a range of experts and most agreed: yoga has the capacity to make people better lovers.


First, by energising the body. Regular yoga practice tones the muscles, increases flexibility, builds stamina, cleanses the organs, and stimulates the endocrine system. This adds up to a supple, healthy body that can fully give and experience pleasure.

Second, by cultivating openness and mindfulness. This allows us to connect with lovers with greater passion and intimacy. We become more aware of their needs and desires, and more receptive and accepting of our own.

Third, by showing us the path to unity. Yoga means “unity” and what is love but a quest for profound unity with out loved one? To practice yoga is to break down the divisions between mind, body, and spirit, allowing us to be fully present in the moment

Has yoga changed your relationships? Share in the comments!

photo credit: Strelka Institute photo SPORTS TRAINING. YOGA (SPORTS) via photopin (license)