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If you’re looking for ways to detox your life, one thing to consider is what you wear. Our skin is our largest organ, so it makes sense to pay attention to what we put on it. Lots of us choose organic health and beauty products, so why not organic clothes?

There are many reasons why organic clothing is a kinder option, for us and for the environment. Here are three reasons to consider upgrading your wardrobe — especially your yoga clothing — to organic.gossypium women


Conventional cotton uses  tonnes of chemicals. I’m not an environmental expert, but a quick glance at the internet gives you an idea. According to EcoChoices, the some 15-25% of all insecticides used worldwide are used on conventional cotton. This is a massive impact on the immediate environment, workers, plants and animals.


There is no way to know what or how many chemicals are used on a particular piece of conventional clothing, nor how your body will react. Many people can wear ordinary clothing in perfect comfort their whole life. Others may suffer unexplained irritation, unexplained rashes, itching, or skin problems. Given the amount of chemicals in our environment it is probably impossible to pinpoint what exactly to blame on clothing, but switching to organic eliminates one major potential source of irritation.

gossypium menSustainability

Choosing organic requires a commitment to doing things differently, which means many companies that make organic clothing are also dedicated to other forms of sustainability. This can take the form of fairer wages, better working conditions, transparent sourcing, and more. When you upgrade to organic, you have a chance to put your money towards a product that has been created in an fair, positive way.

One great example of this is Gossypium, an organic yoga clothing company based in Newhaven, East Sussex, that makes all its clothes by hand. They have some stunning, stylish gear and it is handcrafted to order. And it’s cheaper than LuluLemon! Well worth checking out if you’re ready for some new yoga threads.

Know a great organic yoga clothing company? Share in the comments!