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Boxing Day is a chance to unwind after the hectic holiday season and the busy-ness of Christmas itself. We’re probably a few too many mince pies and cheese plates in, and maybe we overindulged on mulled wine.

That makes this the perfect time to relax, enjoy and (gently) take stock. There is no need to rush into a list of resolutions, or leap off the sofa for a tough yoga session. Today is the perfect time to contemplate and let our minds freely create the next step.


We are almost at the end of another eventful year. We’ve had triumphs and trials, good news and bad, highs and lows. What happens beyond Boxing Day?

This is the perfect time to let your imagination wander. None of us really knows what the future holds but we can contemplate how we want to face it.

My challenge to you this Boxing Day is to take some time (an hour will do) and let your mind roam. Note what memories spring up, what hurts surface, what hopes, what aspirations; think about the moments you want to relive, the ones you want to redo.

Be completely at ease. Don’t even take notes. Just relax into mindfulness. Observe yourself. See where you’ve grown, linger on the things that brought you joy, allow yourself to picture the perfect future.

In a few days time, we’ll be celebrating the New Year, ready with resolutions to improve and grow. For now, take the time to appreciate where you are, and how far you’ve come.

Let the next step be the next step.